The Sad Machine

by The Singular

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The Sad Machine is The Singular's first full length album as well as the first album to feature long time bassist and keyboard player, Terry Mortensen, and Nichole Catalano. The bulk of the tracking was done in a five hour session in Jonathan Rogers' basement, with the help of Rogers, and Andy Puch. This session took place in December of 2008 while front man James Pequignot was home from his short lived excursion to Los Angeles for Christmas. The only other instrumental tracking was of Pequignot's parent's piano, which was done in their living room shortly after the initial tracking. The album was then produced, mixed, and mastered during the remainder of Pequignot's time in LA. The final touches were put into place after he returned home to North East Ohio in February of 2010.


released September 25, 2010

The Singular is:
Jordan Valentine: percussion
Terry Mortensen: bass
Nichole Catalano-Miller: keyboard
James Pequignot: Guitar/Vocals

All songs written by James Pequignot
Except The Devils Two Step, and When the World Ends, written by James Pequignot and Jeremey Poparad

The Sad Machine was recorded by Andy Puch, Jonathan Rogers, and James Pequignot in Jonathan Rogers’ basement, James Pequignot’s bedroom, and James Pequignot’s parent’s livingroom. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by James Pequignot

The melancholy clappers on traveling salesman problem, and the ghostly whispers on patience as a virtue were: Amber Manfredi, Nicky Mortenson, James Pequignot, Terry Mortensen, and Jordan Valentine

Artwork by Eric Miller:

The free-jazz trumpet samples on The Devil’s Two Step, and the violin solo on The Traveling Salesman Problem were recorded by kaponja and FreqMan respectively. They were used under the creative commons license and can be found at the free sound project.

The singular would like to thank:
Andy Puch, Jonathan Rogers, Amber Manfredi, Nicky Mortensen, Eric Miller, Bryton Catalano-Miller, Declan Catalano-Miller, Eric Sandt, Charlie, anyone who ever babysat the Catalano-Miller children during practice, and coffee. They would also like to thank each other in a multitude of mind numbing variations


all rights reserved



The Singular Akron, Ohio

The Singular is a band that holds high the value of music as an experience and strives to make a good one for anyone who cares to listen. As a modest four piece rock band they produce a sound that can be described as cavernous and overwhelming. They triumph the art of storytelling through song, and always invite their audience along with them on a musical journey. ... more

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Track Name: Airplane Food
I glide
Falling asleep while traveling through time
Clouds are angel squadrons flanking both my sides
In case I should fall

Heaven looks all right
Somewhere between the ground
And where the gods reside
Is where I find my dreams tonight

I spite
The laws of gravity and elevate my height
I watched the stratosphere catch fire that night
The darkness overthrown
Track Name: Patience as a Virtue
I am out of patience
Waiting for a sign
The road is split in fragments
And me without a guide

They wanna watch me go down
I'm gonna give them such a show
They wanna watch me go down
Only hope I live to see you falling

Touch less automatic
We deliver on our word
To bring you isolation
Lips may move but words are never heard

We all pay the piper someday
Track Name: CMF
We walked down roads where we'd never been before
And we'd never go again if we could help it
We looked each other directly in the eye
As if to apologize for the 100,000th time

We counted one Mississippi but the girls were so pretty
That we thought we never would go home
We told those crass mother fuckers
Not to raise such a ruckus
Running laughing all the way back home

We met in secret under bleachers at the game
Cause the other kids were lame and we could tell that
They didn't care if we never did return
But our parents they were firm
We would have to live and learn

We counted one Mississippi but the girls were so pretty
That we thought we never would go home
We told those crass mother fuckers
Not to raise such a ruckus
Running laughing all the way back home
Track Name: One More Machine
I am just a sad machine
A poorly engineered machine
I express myself in endless screams
And subvert my mind with feckless dreams

Like one more machine

Can you see the world
Outside of yourself?
Put down your disease
And breathe

Like one more machine
Track Name: The Devil's Two Step
We'd burn in hell
If we had souls to sell
We drew short straws
Death's fate better than ours

We took the bate
And who wouldn't in our shoes?
We sealed our fate
And bought our teeth eternal gnashing

We flew too high
By gods we were denied
We knew too much
And were treated as such
Track Name: The Traveling Salesman Problem
Blinking lights off in the distance
They're sending messages in code
They are sent and received by no one
And what they're saying no one knows

When all of your childhood dreams have failed
We've got some great
Opportunities in sales

There are those children who believe they
These winks of angels, sparks of ghosts
Can usher them to better places
Upon the wings of UFO's
Track Name: Apocalyptic Prelude
When the satellites blot out the sun
We'll be talking on our telephones
Talking about TV like it was our family
No, no, we won't even know
No, no, we won't even notice

When the robots kill us in our sleep
We'll be dreaming about watching TV
Dreaming about which sex in the city character
Represents us most accurately
And what does it say about me
Track Name: When the World Ends
When the world ends
And all the hard drive stop spinning
And all the cathode rays stop
I know
I'll be smiling

When the world ends
And all the motors stop moving
And all the people fall silent forever
I know
I'll be happy
I'll be happy

When it's all gone
I'll be happy
Track Name: Bigger Than You
No new happy life
You are fabulous statistics
If a solitary time you have stepped out of line
You are the dead
So you might as well say goodbye

Because we're bigger than you
Because we're always right

You are the last man
Overcome by helplessness
You are outside of history
And everything is perfectly under controll
You are under controll

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